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The Liberal Democrats, if elected to power, will cancel Article 50 so the UK remains in the EU.

Cancelling Brexit will save a lot:

  • Save us from 7 years or more of haggling over an EU free trade deal, while the economy drifts and politics is paralysed. Any suggestion we can “get Brexit done” in any conclusive sense early in 2020 is simply misleading.
  • Save the United Kingdom from dissolution as the Scots demand independence and Ireland drifts towards a border poll, with a risk of renewed violence.
  • Save the 3.5% of GDP (around £70 billion each year) that Brexit leads us to miss out on compared with remaining in the EU.
  • Save our labour and environmental standards that the government plans to water down.
  • Save the NHS from bankruptcy at the hands of US drug companies following a US trade deal.
  • Save the UK more generally from an abject, grovelling position of political dependence on the US, as witness Trumps recent intervention.
  • Save our farmers from bankruptcy when UK markets are opened to imports at world prices.
  • Save many of our EU citizens from the horror of a Windrush-style immigration policy.
  • Save our elderly social care, the NHS, construction, farming, food and other sectors dependent on EU labour.
  • Save our right to strongly influence EU rules and policies.
  • Save the right of our children and grandchildren to live, love, work, start a family, start a business, own property, and contribute to society anywhere in the EU.
  • Save the young from suffering all these consequences for much longer than the rest of us. We offer the younger generation a poor deal already due to the burden of pensions, university loans and house prices. And this will be worsened immensely by Brexit, both economically and politically.
    Let’s not have it said of our generation “the middle-aged and elderly want a divorce and they don’t care that it’s the children who will suffer most”.

Not cancelling Brexit saves a lot less:

  • Save the Tory and Labour parties from their own internal contradictions and psychodramas.
  • Save the net payment to Brussels of £10 billion or so per annum, except that it may be required to continue to secure a trade deal with the EU and prevent economic collapse

Vote Liberal Democrat – Cancel Brexit – Let us Lead and not Leave